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With the resources and expertise of a full video production shop, RPL sets the standard for deposition videography.

Our videographers and producers are at your disposal, no matter what kind of deposition you require:

Interactive: live exhibit interaction with digital or 2-camera capture
Standard: your standard depo, shot and produced with the highest quality
Non-stenographic: when a transcript isn't needed, make a video record

We combine our proprietary capture process and high end video production to create a new standard for the video record.

Every nuance of your witnessís non-verbal behavior is memorialized by impeccable audio and video protocols.

With pre-loaded digital exhibits and demonstrative evidence, we capture the live interaction with them by your witness, in real time. Both videos (witness and exhibits) are synced and produced side-by-side, or picture-in-picture.

Digital and 2-camera Capture options are both available now!

Not all depositions are complicated or lengthy. That doesnít mean that you or your clients want anything less than the best quality video. RPL brings the high standards of its professional video production experience to every deposition.

Book your next deposition with RPL; youíll appreciate the difference in quality, without having to increase case costs.

In some jurisdictions, a stenographic record is not required in a deposition. Some cases do not warrant the expense. When the video record alone will suffice, call on RPL for non-stenographic depositions.

Your RPL videographer is also a notary, and will swear in your witness. You get the same high-quality production value in your deposition video as in our Interactive and Standard depos. For a nominal additional cost, we run voice recognition on the deposition to produce a rough transcript for your reference.
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