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It can be a challenge to coordinate your various technology and litigation support vendors, videographers and consultants. Here at RPL, we strive to be your one-stop shop. Our services are finely tuned to the needs of today’s successful litigators (and professional organizations), and every RPL consultant is prepared to be a reliable and integral part of your team. Every case is a journey; we’re with you at every turn.
Web & Online
You know you need an internet presence. You probably have a website. Ask yourself these questions:

- Does my site accomplish what I thought or hoped it would?
- Does my site help me attract business?
- Does my site engage my visitors?
- When was the last time my site was updatd?

Be sure that your website is dynamic and engaging and stands out from other search results. We help you integrate advanced features into your existing site, or can work with you from the ground floor to build an interactive site that draws traffic, keeps that traffic on your site and ultimately improves your bottom line.

We integrate with social media and mobile technology, and enhance your site with multimedia and interactivity. SEO and analytics are included in any web package. Our graphic designers and programmers deliver sites that comport with the image you want to portray of yourself and your firm.
Video is the most powerful form of message delivery, which is why most website and social media visitors expect to see video on your sites and channels. Capture and retain the attention of your audience with a wealth of video.
Digital Publishing
Do you use printed marketing materials? Do you have an educational publication you want to share more widely? Do you want to put your message in the hands of potentially millions of users?

Boost your current traditional print efforts by going digital. We publish magazines, pamphlets, books, conference materials, digital demands and motions, and much more! Digital publication allows you to put your content in the hands of many more readers. This lets you get your message out to a broader audience, attract more clients or advertising dollars, and deliver your message through such accepted outlets as iTunes and Amazon, as well as your own website and social media channels.
Social Media
Social Media is not just a way to waste time; it is a way that the world communicates, a way people interact, a way business is conducted. If you aren’t leveraging the power of social media to attract clients and enhance your presence and reputation, then your message is reaching only a fraction of those it could.

Our social media consultants work with you and your marketing professionals to establish pages, accounts and profiles. We link these to your website, and to each other. If you prefer to manage updates and posts internally, we can hand it off to your office; if you prefer that we manage updates and posts, our experienced consultants will regularly provide relevant and timely content to your channels.

We focus on, but are not limited to, the most widely recognized and utilized social media channels: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and RSS.
Tablets, iPads, Androids, iPhones, Ultrabooks…mobile technology is just about everywhere. It is definitely in the hands of your potential clients. People expect to be able to interact with content digitally, and you can provide them what they want. We work to incorporate mobile technologies such as QR codes, Google Goggles and MS Tags into your marketing and informational campaigns.
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