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RPL is people-powered. At the core of everything we do is a committed team of professionals, working together to fulfill RPLís mission. From day-to-day operations to business development, everyone involved at RPL is an integral member of our team.

Friends and co-founders Jon Gardner and Greg Woody first met working side by side in the trenches of a fledgling start-up company. A chance opportunity to work on a landmark case a decade ago turned into the founding of RPL. Jon and Greg continue to work side by side, combining the strengths of their respective personalities and expertise to make RPL a better company every day.
RPLís tools and services are customized specifically to the needs of todayís litigators and legal associations simply because they were developed under the guidance of some of todayís top litigators and most successful legal associations. These mentors, and our vendor affiliates, have helped RPL gain the experience and knowledge we need to support you.
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