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It can be a challenge to coordinate your various technology and litigation support vendors, videographers and consultants. Here at RPL, we strive to be your one-stop shop. Our services are finely tuned to the needs of today’s successful litigators (and professional organizations), and every RPL consultant is prepared to be a reliable and integral part of your team. Every case is a journey; we’re with you at every turn.
Digital Demand Letters
You want to maximize the settlement value of your client’s case, while keeping costs down. You need to tell your client’s story in a compelling and comprehensive way. You can deliver your client’s demand to opposing counsel, mediators, judges, and even to your clients themselves. This powerful settlement tool is designed to facilitate a more effective and efficient mediation process. Minimize the need to present during mediation; spend that time advocating and negotiating on behalf of your client instead. You and your clients can rest assured that you have presented your demand as effectively as possible.

Mass Tort Settlement Discs
We know first-hand that the type of information most relevant in mass tort settlement negotiations differs greatly from other types of litigation. You can present hundreds or thousands of clients, with all of their respective personal, demographic, medical and other data. Relevant documents are conveniently at hand, and everything is presented digitally, either on disc or online.

We work with your data team to connect directly to your internal firm SQL databases, or directly to those of the PSC. All data and presentation formats and style are customizable to your specifications, and everything is presented online for final review before distribution to opposing counsel.
Your needs during mediation and settlement are distinct from your trial and courtroom needs. Our consultants know the difference, and have the experience supporting the settlement process from the smallest civil action to mass torts and class actions of the largest scale. We work with you and your office to ensure that technology helps you in the mediation process, and does not hinder you. We provide the software, hardware and know-how, and leave you to focus on your client, the law and negotiation.
Focus Groups
We help you present your case prior to and during mediation, making every effort to anticipate your needs. We address any concerns or problems that might arise during the course of mediation to ensure that you can focus on your client and the negotiation process. Whether you choose our proprietary OnPoint Viewer, or prefer TrialDirector, PowerPoint, Sanction, Summation or another toolset, we can run your presentation, or assist you in doing so yourself.
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