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With the resources and expertise of a full video production shop, RPL sets the standard for deposition videography.

Our videographers and producers are at your disposal, no matter what kind of deposition you require:

Interactive: live exhibit interaction with digital or 2-camera capture
Standard: your standard depo, shot and produced with the highest quality
Non-stenographic: when a transcript isn't needed, make a video record

We combine our proprietary capture process and high end video production to create a new standard for the video record.

Every nuance of your witnessís non-verbal behavior is memorialized by impeccable audio and video protocols.

With pre-loaded digital exhibits and demonstrative evidence, we capture the live interaction with them by your witness, in real time. Both videos (witness and exhibits) are synced and produced side-by-side, or picture-in-picture.

Digital and 2-camera Capture options are both available now!
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