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It can be a challenge to coordinate your various technology and litigation support vendors, videographers and consultants. Here at RPL, we strive to be your one-stop shop. Our services are finely tuned to the needs of today’s successful litigators (and professional organizations), and every RPL consultant is prepared to be a reliable and integral part of your team. Every case is a journey; we’re with you at every turn.

- Timelines
- Presentation
- Tech Support
- Lit Support


- Digital Demand Letter
- Settlement Discs
- Tech Support
- Focus Groups
- Presentation


- Videography - Interactive
- Videography - Standard
- Videography - Non-stenographic
- Exhibit Processing


- Web
- Promo Video
- Edu-marketing Video
- Publishing
- Social Media
- Mobile


- Conversion & Duplication
- Day in the Life
- Site
- Inspection
- Deposition
- Marketing


- Jury
- Witness: Depo & Trial
- Strategy
- Focus Groups


- Document Scanning
- Bates Numbering
- Redaction
- Backup


- Case Hosting
- Social Media Content Hosting

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