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Trial Support
Your needs in the courtroom are all over the board. Our consultants are experts in technology, audio and video, and litigation.

With RPL in your corner, you can rest assured that your presentation will work flawlessly, that the lines of communication to your office or trial consultant are in place and reliable, and that every case asset, discovery and demonstrative alike, are readily available.

In today’s world of highly technological and connected courtrooms, the technology needed to conduct a successful trial keeps growing and changing. But sometimes that means that it is getting too complicated for a non-technologist. We provide all the technology you need for trial: tablet/notebook, projectors, routers, printers and scanners, power and cabling, camera and video, and more! Simply request the technology you want for YOUR custom “mobile war room” and it will be included in your package along with a dedicated RPL litigation/technology consultant.
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